Transitions-A MomsHouse Seminar- August 5, 2014

We hope to see you there

Hope you were there.  If not you missed a great time which included information on Relationship, Work and Caregiver Transitions.  Our sponsor , Joshua Memorial also spoke to us about life choices.  Entertainment and food preparation was provided by Michael Shumpert and community partners Americana Referral, Bankers Insurance, and Generation Mortgage joined in on the fun.  Raffle prizes were provided by MomsHouse, Bankers Insurance, Generation Mortgage, and Renaissance Center.  We even had a visit from Diana Love,  Field Representative of Assembly Member  Steve Fox.

Our next event is the Alzheimer’s Walk  on September 20th.  Help us raise $1000.00 by donating to the MomsHouse Team at 

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Active Aging for the Hill Home

I envision the television version of retirement;  sitting on the porch with my husband, planning our next trip, visiting with the grand kids, volunteering somewhere and being active in my church.  I can only think of two things that would hinder me in this dream.  Both boil down to a lack of proper planning by myself or my husband of six years this September.

The first reason would be insufficient funds to allow us to do as we please, which is the ultimate goal. According to CNNMoney I will need $910,480.00 or $612,777.00 in today’s dollars (CNNMoney, 2013).  What I say to that is I am a bit short of the mark.  This shortage leads me to my second hindrance, the necessity to continue working after age 65.

If I retire at age 75 I will need a paltry $657,830.00 or $326,485.00 in today’s dollars.  This is a bit better and I am a bit closer to the mark (a bit) (CNNMoney, 2013).  Now this assumes all things are consistent, that I want to live on 100% of my current salary, that we stay healthy and that we don’t have to actively raise our grandkids.  Also this does not take into account my husband’s contribution.

What I can guarantee is that our lives will not remain consistent.  I have been afraid of living out my old age alone eating cat food for as long as I can remember.  My husband and I have started exercising regularly.  He lost 60 lbs and I lost 30 lbs.  We eat better but still not the best.  I am actively trying to pay every debt I can find.  We are both in school, he to complete his Bachelors and a certificate in his field and me for my Masters, we pray daily and are active in the church.  Though we are in our early 50’s we will not allow the environment or anything else to hinder our long-term well-being.

With that said we may need to alter our television, pie in the sky ideas of retirement a bit to fit reality but who knows?????C. Anthony and Donna Hill


CNNMoney. (2013). How much do I need to retire? – CNNMoney. Retrieved 3 19, 2013, from CNNMoney:



Medi / Medi & YOU a MomsHouse Seminar

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Medi / Medi & You

A MomsHouse Seminar

3/25/14 Rancho Village

Featuring Karen Gilbert, BA

               From Lancaster Adult Day Health Care

We had a wonderfully informative event.  I would like to thank our Main Speaker Karen Gilbert from Lancaster Adult Day Health Care, Our Spotlight Vendors: Brandi Wheeler- Procare Hospice, Emily Fife- Americanna Referral , Lurdes Huizar- Joshua Memorial Park & Mortuary and the MomsHouse Volunteer Troop.  We learned about Medi-Cal and Medi-Care, We ate, We were entertained……It was a great time for all,  AND it was all free to those 55 and over.  Keep an eye out for our next seminar and we will keep an eye out for you.










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