Mobile Crafting

It is our goal, with this project, to provide crafting activities, educational sessions, and physical activities within senior housing communities.  This will allow social interaction, appropriate physical engagement and emotional support all in a safe and recognized environment.  It will also build confidence that will allow seniors to extend their comfort zone.

We will bring different crafting, educational and physical projects a regular basis utilizing their community areas as the workspace.  We engage local crafters, many of whom will also be seniors.

Light lunch or snack (healthy) will be provided.   An information table may be set up at each event with MomsHouse and other local resources.

This program is currently in operation at the Fernwood Apartment.  Sessions are closed to Fernwood residents only.  If you are interested in providing this program for your community, please email: or call 661-529-2985.

Some of our crafts: