Livin’ Life Active Life 10/14/2014

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The MomsHouse seminar on October 14th, 2014  was from 11am -2pm and sponsored by Dignity Memorial.  The “Livin’ Right Active Life” seminar featured presentations regarding different aspects of “Livin’ Right” and was held at Gathering Groundz @ 560 Milling Street, Lancaster, Ca. 93534. Our presenters were Mildred Dumas from Herbs for Life and Jesse Tyler Gulley from AVPH.

Michael Shumpert topped off the evening with a song.

It was a great session about longevity, independence and how to have more. If you missed it …. You shouldn’t have. The Cost??? FREE





Livin’ Right Active Life Flyer




About Donna Hill

About Us MomsHouse was established August 2014 in tribute to Chalmetta Elaine Paulette Johnson, who died from accelerating Multiple Sclerosis. My mother’s courageous journey of maintaining her independence and dignity inspired the idea to create an organization to work collaboratively with seniors to do the same. Mission Statement To enhance and improve the quality of life for our elder community by providing free or low cost access to products, services and information. MomsHouse Core Values *Respect for the dignity of all individuals *Uncompromising integrity *Accountability to all our supporters *Build a positive team and family spirit *Build and maintaining strong relationships *Truth in all matters *Do more with less

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