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Volunteer Meet and Greet….. come on out!!!

MomsHouse Volunteer Meet & Greet


Rancho Village


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Thanks to all who participated in this event.  The volunteers gained today will enable us to continue with the upcoming roll out of our Adopt-A Gran Light companionship program.  Caring people coming together for a great cause.  Blessings




Meeting King……and a wonderful thing

Recently I started using a Google Chrome App called Meeting King. It is a great tool to organize meetings and agendas, tasks and projects. Well, about three weeks in,Meeting King ask me for a review. I gave them a sterling review and commented that I was amazed that the service was free. To my surprise, I received this response from the owner, Edwin Siebesma:

Hello Donna,

I just noticed your review on the Chrome webstore. Thank you for that.

Just a clarification the organizer of meetings does need a Pro account (30 day free trial), participants can participate with a free account. I hope that is not confusing because we do try to make that clear, as I don’t like to play games with that.

Can you let me know what you are using it for and if it is still helpful?

Thanks and kind regards,


A few days later I received the notification from Meeting King requesting my renewal at $9.99 monthly. Well, I appreciated the letter but was disgusted with the tendency of app providers to advertise free instead of free trial. As I pondered the advantages of the app against the monthly cost to my Non-Profit, my phone rang. Surprised again, It was Edwin, he said he was concerned that I had gotten the wrong impression and wanted to reach out to me. He also checked the MomsHouse website and said he liked our mission.

This is what differentiates good companies from great ones. I appreciate Edwin taking the time to talk to me, to check out my company and to make it right. This is above and beyond behavior. Edwin and Meeting King have earned my loyalty. Please check out this amazing Google Chrome app @ You will love it.

Do you think “compassionate ageism” still exists today?

Compassionate ageism is a belief that older people are needy and deserve special policies to help them (Quizlet, 2013). In using this definition, all the sons and daughters caring for granny have compassionate ageism. All the in home workers and nonprofit organizations fighting for elder rights have compassionate ageism. I believe it exists more so individually than politically. Politically we went from compassionate ageism to the greedy-geezer to taking food from babies (Binstock PhD, 2010). This propaganda campaign has painted elders as a selfish and greedy group who would see the world collapse before releasing their rights to services. It seems that attempts to put policies in place to assist needy elders are hit with this unfounded attitude. A trend I find distasteful.
Compassionate aging has become an attitude of the needy elders, their caregivers, their families and the political factions that support them. Let’s look at the trend toward aging in place which results in home health care situations. Many issues that used to send elders to a facility are being done in the comforts of the elders homes. Frequently these services are paid for through Medicare (Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). I see this as compassionate ageism in an individual application though the service is available to all that qualify for Medicare. This is only one of the policies in place. Obama Care places many more such as closing the donut-hole in Part D and Medicare reform making it a more efficient entity (, 2013). If you take into account the amount of obstruction surrounding Obama Care you can’t say that compassionate ageism is a standard it’s more of an ideal.
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