True Story!!!

Arlene Twine posts on FaceBook

I just got off the phone with my daddy. He tells me he was trying to find a parking spot at WalMart, finds it and noticed that the car beside him was parked in the handi-cap blue line stripes, he saw an older woman and said to her Ma’am I don’t no if you no this but u can get a ticket from parking between the handi-cap parking spots with those blue lines……next thing he knew a man was pulling up the seat from that car and got out fussing, cussing and hit him….I said wait he hit you. My da said NAW, the man walked up to me like he was going to hit me so I wacked him in the head with my KANE. He backed up off me screaming this man is crazy he tried to kill me. The police came, gave the man a ticket for parking wrong and hitting a handi-cap person….I was laughing soooooo hard…..NEWS FLASH: don’t mess with seniors with KANES

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